Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Parker Staffing Update

This is an unusual year for us as we had four retirements at Parker this past spring.  Mrs. Kalmakis, 6th Grade ELA Teacher, Jill Piantedosi, Reading Specialist, Gerry Gomes, Grade 7-8 Mathematics Teacher, and Diane Ketlak, School Psychologist have retired or are in the process of retiring.  In Mrs. Ketlak’s case, and fortunately for us, she will be with us until the end of September.

Other personnel moves include, Carla Ricci, School Psychologist taking an extended maternity leave this year, and Jess Lynch, 7th Special Education Teacher also taking a leave this year to spend some time with family.  Currently, we have Mrs. Moroso and Mrs. Musselman out on maternity leave.  We anticipate having them back in December and January.  

With all of the transitions, we know that hiring is one of the most important things we do.  We welcome twelve new staff members to Parker Middle School this year.  Please see their names and short profiles below.     

Reading Specialist - Maria Morgan

We welcome Maria Morgan as our new half-time Reading Specialist. Mrs. Morgan completed her undergraduate work at the University of Massachusetts, and her graduate work at Boston College and Framingham State University.  Mrs. Morgan is an experienced teacher having taught Middle School History and Reading for the past number of years.  It is rare to be able to hire someone with the experiences and practice Mrs. Mrogan has working with middle school students.  Mrs. Morgan will be working closely with Mrs. Jones, our full-time Reading Specialist, as well as teaching and coaching small reading groups and teaching the 8th grade Readers Workshop elective.  If you would like to be in touch Mrs. Morgan’s e-mail address is:

School Psychologists - Alexa Nappa and Dr. Kimberly Bernazzani
We have two new school psychologists this year.  Dr. Bernazzani completed her undergraduate work at Boston College and her doctoral work at St. John’s University.  For the past six years, Kim has worked as a school psychologist in Tucson, Arizona.  Alexa Nappa completed her undergraduate work at Michigan State University, and is a recent graduate of Tufts University where she completed the Masters of Arts and Educational Specialist Program in school psychology.  Alexa completed her practicum this past year in Winchester Middle School.  Our new psychologists have a range of experiences and will bring a great deal to our school community.  If you would like to be in touch with Dr. Bernazzani or Ms. Nappa their e-mail addresses are: and

Math Teachers - Bryan Walsh and Nicholas Trapani

Our new math teachers, Bryan Walsh and Nick Trapani join an experienced group of math teachers here at Parker Middle School.  Bryan Walsh has an undergraduate degree from Lehigh University in Electrical Engineering and has completed a graduate degree and graduate work at Boston University and Tufts University.  For the past three years Bryan has taught mathematics at McGlynn Middle School in Medford.  Nick Trapani is not really new to Parker as he covered a long term substitute position last year teaching math in the seventh and eighth grades.  Nicolas Trapani has an undergraduate degree from Boston University in Philosophy and Religion and has experience teaching Algebra and Religion at the high school level.  Nick and Bryan have been nice addition to our math department and we are pleased to welcome these two to Parker.  If you would like to welcome Mr. Trapani and Mr. Walsh to Parker or simply be in touch with any questions you may have their e-mail addresses are: and

Special Education (LLD) Teacher – Alison Donlon
We welcome Special Education teacher, Alison Donlon to Parker Middle School.  Ms. Donlon will be teaching in the Language Based Program in grade six.  Ms. Donlon completed her undergraduate work at Manhattan College in Elementary Education with a minor in Mathematics.  She received her graduate degree in Special Education from Lesley University.  For the past three years, Ms. Donlon has worked in the middle school Language Based Program in Lowell.  Additionally, Alison is a graduate of both Parker Middle School and Reading Memorial High School.  If you would like to be in touch with Ms. Donlon her e-mail address is:

7th Grade Learning Center – Kimberly Moreau

We welcome Mrs. Kimberly Moreau to our team of Special Education teachers.  Kim is also a graduate of Parker Middle School, so this is a bit of a homecoming for her as well.  Kim has taught and supported students in Special Education at the elementary and middle school levels for over eighteen years.  Most recently, Kim worked in the Language Based Program at the Galvin Middle School in Wakefield.  She completed her undergraduate work at Curry College and her graduate work at Lesley University.  This year she will be working in the seventh grade Learning Center and the eighth grade LLD Program.  If you would like to be in touch with Mrs. Moreau her e-mail address is:    

7th Grade Science – Kathryn Kirschning

Ms. Kirschning was a late addition to our team of science teachers, as Mr. Barnett moved to teach Biology and Chemistry at Acton Boxborough High School.  Ms. Kirschning holds an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Emmanuel College and is completing her graduate work in Middle School Science Education at Merrimack College.  Ms. Kirschning worked as an Associate Chemist before making the career change to teaching.  Most recently, Ms. Kirschning filled a long term science teacher substitute position at the Galvin Middle School in Wakefield.  Her experiences as a professional chemist as well as teaching middle school science at Galvin will serve her well as she makes the transition to Parker Middle School.  If you would like to be in touch her e-mail address is:        

8th Grade Spanish – Julie Cohen

Mrs. Cohen has been teaching Spanish, Special Education, and ESL for over 20 years.  She has a wealth of experiences from teaching English as a Second Language to teaching Special Education.  Her range of experiences will be an asset in the Foreign Language Professional Learning Community (PLC) work we are doing this year.  Mrs. Cohen completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Massachusetts in Spanish and Elementary Education.  She completed her graduate work in Special Education at Salem State University.  If you would like to be in touch with Mrs. Cohen her e-mail address is:

8th Grade French – Sheryl Love

We welcome Sheryl Love to Parker who is filling in as a long term substitute in French.  Mrs. Love completed her undergraduate work at Clark University and her graduate work at Simmons College.  Having resided in France, she is a fluent speaker and brings her experiences in the French Culture to the classroom.  Additionally, Mrs. Love is working to complete her teaching certification and as things progress with this position we will communicate accordingly.  If you would like to be in touch with Mrs. Love her e-mail address is:  

Paraeducators – Michelle Harrington and Michelle Anderson

We are fortunate to welcome two new experienced Special Education Paraeducators, Ms. Harrington and Mrs. Anderson.  Ms. Harrington completed her undergraduate work at the University of Massachusetts and is a new graduate of the Simmons College Graduate School of Education.  Mrs. Anderson completed her undergraduate work at Salve Regina University and her graduate work at Endicott College.  Additionally, both educators are completing their Special Education teaching certification work this fall.  

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Principal Notes
September 2015

Welcome Back!  We would like to welcome you all back to Parker Middle School from the summer break.  Mrs. Costa, seventh grade Social Studies Teacher and Team Leader, describes the first day of middle school as New Year’s Day for teachers, and I think she is correct.  It is great to get to it, to have students in the building learning and developing in their 11, 12, 13 and 14 year old selves.  Our teachers are an extraordinary group of professionals, in addition to being expert in the subjects they teach, they really focus on who your children are and how they learn.  The latter part of the knowing your children and how they learn is what makes Parker such an exceptional school.  We will be kicking off the school year with an all-school assembly to share our Core Values of Kindness, Community, and Personal Best.  Teachers and teams will be working with groups to talk about what these values look like in practice.  Additionally, teachers will be doing some goal setting activities where they will coach students to make an academic goal and a personal goal for the year.  I am sure teams will fill you in on these activities in the PTO Monthly Newsletter. 

As we start the year, if you have questions or we can help with anything please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.          

First Day of School Pictures