Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Colombus Day weekend.  The weather is perfect.  The trees are stunning and I’m waiting for my son’s soccer game to start.  Perfect time to reflect back on the week at Parker.  It was a busy week.  The magazine drive is wrapping up.  The kids have been really terrific about participating in the fundraiser.  They have sold hundreds of magazines.  This event ends this week with a culminating activity on Friday night.  Parker’s own Minute to Win It game show will be held on Friday night from 7-9.  All are welcome to come and watch.  Students who have sold at least six magazines will be allowed to participate in the event.  We had another team breakfast this week.  Thanks again to Michelle Biggio for coordinating these early morning get togethers.  She is expert at creating the perfect ambiance.  We have one more breakfast next week.  Also this week we held our first school council meeting on Wednesday night.  Dr. John Doherty came to speak with us about his entry plan for year one of his superintendency.  Immediately following school council we held our second PTO meeting of the year.  Dr. Doherty also presented to this group.  He is looking for feedback and suggestions from the Reading community as he plans out the year.  On Wednesday afternoon the district committees met for the first time.  This is a great opportunity for teachers in the district to get together and collaborate around a common goal.  On Thursday the Black team visited Plum Island and the Spencer Pierce Little Farm.  This is a great trip and offers students the opportunity to experience what its like to be an archaeologist and to do some birding with our building expert, Mr. Williams.  Also on Thursday Doug Lyons and Stacey Sherpe attended a MARC training on bullying.   More to follow on Parker’s efforts to integrate the new bullying legislation.  Finally, on Friday progress reports for first quarter were updated to edline.  Please be sure to check edline regularly for news and information.  If you are having trouble accessing edline please contact Meg Powers.
As always, if you need anything please just let us know.  Thanks and have a great week.  –Cathy & Doug


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